With more than 30 years servicing the aerospace, defense and medical industries for quality control source inspection, Vendor Control Service provides efficient vendor management and control systems that help build quality reputations.


The aerospace industry represents the largest net export business for the U.S and is a leading contributor to the GDP. Solid industry growth is expected from innovation in biofuels and design efficiencies, as well as increases in global commercial travel demand. Aerospace is a foundational business for VCS. Based on the inherent risks of aviation coupled with increases in cyber security attacks, the critical need for superior quality management within the supply chain remains high. VCS takes pride in ensuring customers hold their suppliers’ products to the highest standards, in order to maintain their reputations for quality and safety.


Along with aerospace, the defense sector has been a core focus for VCS from the beginning. Due to the recent rise in cyber attacks and national security threats in many countries, defense budgets have increased to allocate spending for national defense weapons platforms, cyber security systems intelligence gathering, defense electronics, and precision strike capabilities. Accordingly, the U.S. defense sector will continue to play a critical role in manufacturing products to maintain the safety of citizens across the globe. VCS fully understands the essential need for supplier quality monitoring in manufacturing these products, and will continue to ensure that the highest standards are met.

Medical Devices

The medical devices industry continues to innovate at a robust pace, which translates to steady growth in the near term, particularly in the area of diagnostic medicine. Research and development investment in U.S. medical devices is more than double the average of all U.S. manufacturing sectors. Significant advances have occurred in neuro-stimulators, stent technologies, robotic assistance and implantable electronic devices. VCS is committed to servicing this sector by implementing quality management processes within the supply chain to ensure high safety standards are met for device manufacturers.