Vendor Control Service has been providing quality auditing, mechanical and electrical inspections for the past 30 years. Learn more about our services below:

Mechanical Inspection

VCS requires specific standards be meet during a mechanical inspection, for both the industry and particularly the customer.

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Electrical Inspection

VCS requires inspection of electrical assemblies are completed with an eye for detail and accomplish the customer orders. 

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Auditing is a cornerstone of our service and critical to our ability to manage a team of quality professionals.

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With more than 30 years servicing the aerospace, defense and medical industries for quality control source inspection, Vendor Control Service provides efficient vendor management and control systems that help build quality reputations.


The aerospace industry represents the largest net export business for the U.S and is a leading contributor to the GDP.

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Medical Devices

The medical devices industry continues to innovate at a robust pace, which translates to steady growth in the near term, particularly in the area of diagnostic medicine.

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Along with aerospace, the defense sector has been a core focus for VCS from the beginning.

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